About David W Brodosi

David Brodosi is currently the Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Before that, David was the Coordinator of Operations for Instructional Technology Services Department and has almost 25 years of combined online and classroom technology support services experience in higher education.

USF St. Petersburg Increases Student Retention Rate by 10 Percentage Points in One Year – University of South Florida St. Petersburg

USF St. Petersburg Increases Student Retention Rate by 10 Percentage Points in One Year – University of South Florida St. Petersburg
— Read on www.usfsp.edu/home/2018/06/20/usf-st-petersburg-increases-student-retention-rate-by-10-percentage-points-in-one-year/


Lightboards 2.0

Today was day one for the expo hall at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas. While the video wall technology looks better than ever, I did see one piece of technology that caught my eye. An updated lightboard for recording educational content.

Around five years ago USFSP installed our lightboard for faculty to create engaging videos for students. We started by purchasing a metal frame online and ordered a piece of high-quality class from a local vendor. Added some portable lights and camera and we were in business. The only problem was, the lightboard took up half the room. The frame to support the glass is so big, it needs to be disassembled to get it out of the room.

Now enter Learning Glass Solutions! They developed a tabletop unit that has built-in lights and you can use an iPad for recording. The iPad doubles as a confidence monitor. This changes everything for faculty and other institutions that may not have a video production crew on staff. I will be exploring the possibility of creating a small makerspace for faculty and students to explore. Hope you find this interesting and helps if you are looking to invest in a lightboard for your institution.

Quality Matters recognizes Karla Morris

Karla_HeadshotThe OLITS department is thrilled to announce that Ms. Karla Morris received Quality Matters Certification for her online course, EEX 4764, Assistive and Instructional Technology on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

EEX 4764, Assistive and Instructional Technology is now on the list of award-winning courses from colleges and universities across the nation. Ms. Morris has been teaching EEX 4764 since fall of 2012, online and face-to-face. When asked about her experience with the QM review, Ms. Morris stated:

I am so glad to have finally put this course through the QM peer review process. This course was designed with the rubric in mind and is continuously improved based upon advancements in the field and student input, but it helps to ensure that I am putting forth a high-quality learning experience for our students. I am incredibly grateful for the professional feedback from the other Instructional Designers at OLITS through the internal review process and the QM Reviewers through the external process.

The QM seal of recognition will now be proudly displayed in Ms. Morris’s online course. Additionally, this course will be listed on QM’s site, bringing positive exposure to USFSP’s College of Education and to the campus.

QM’s review process is designed and implemented by faculty who teach online courses throughout the U.S. to ensures quality and alignment with accreditation standards and best practices in online learning. USFSP first joined QM in 2010 as a way to assist faculty with the development of high-quality online courses.

Please contact the Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services department for more information about QM and to learn how this program can assist you with your online course development and refinement.

Padagogy Wheel: The Next Generation

Known as the Padagogy Wheel, this resource combines Bloom’s Taxonomy with Depth of Knowledge levels, SAMR, and iPad apps to help with implementation. It also has active links and QR codes to more resources…in short, it’s a one-stop-shop for increasing rigor and complexity into our classrooms. You can find more information regarding the poster as well as a link to download it as a PDF here: http://designingoutcomes.com/the-padagogy-wheel-v4-0-the-next-generation/



940x434-OCS2016-lpimage-TLHAccording to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, overall higher education enrollments dropped by 1.7 percent for the fall of 2015. Eduventures, however, reports that 3.5 million students enrolled in online degree programs in 2016. In a world of declining enrollments, understanding the unique student population who is studying online will be critical for those institutions who want sustainable, long-term success.

Now, get the answers about who is studying online and what they are looking for in their education in the fifth annual Online College Students report, developed by The Learning House, Inc., and Aslanian Market Research. “Online College Students 2016: Comprehensive Data on Demands and Preferences” shares the results of a survey of 1,500 prospective, current and recently graduated fully online students.

More at: http://www.learninghouse.com/ocs2016/?utm_source=Internal&utm_medium=slider&utm_campaign=OCS2016

Congratulations Karla Kmetz-Morris

I wanted to share some exciting news about Karla Kmetz-Morris, lead instructional designer here at USFSP. She received a call last week asking her to serve on the Board of Directors for the Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology, which also serves as the State Advisory Committee for the Assistive Technology Act.

In this role she will collaborate with other board members and key stakeholders across the state and nationally on issues surrounding funding, awareness, training, programs, device loans, and advocacy for assistive technology and services.

This is amazing news for USFSP and I know Karla is happy to represent USFSP with this important work. As you can see, we have a really impressive team in OLITS! We are very honored and proud of Karla for how she represents USFSP, the Nelson Poynter Library and OLITS!

Karla was also elected as Chair of the Webinar Committee for the Quality Matters Instructional Designers Association. She is working closely with a few other instructional designers in the QM network to develop and facilitate a webinar series that provides professional development opportunities to instructional designers in the areas of design research, strategies, QM implementation, etc.

Congratulations Karla!