Lightboards 2.0

Today was day one for the expo hall at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas. While the video wall technology looks better than ever, I did see one piece of technology that caught my eye. An updated lightboard for recording educational content.

Around five years ago USFSP installed our lightboard for faculty to create engaging videos for students. We started by purchasing a metal frame online and ordered a piece of high-quality class from a local vendor. Added some portable lights and camera and we were in business. The only problem was, the lightboard took up half the room. The frame to support the glass is so big, it needs to be disassembled to get it out of the room.

Now enter Learning Glass Solutions! They developed a tabletop unit that has built-in lights and you can use an iPad for recording. The iPad doubles as a confidence monitor. This changes everything for faculty and other institutions that may not have a video production crew on staff. I will be exploring the possibility of creating a small makerspace for faculty and students to explore. Hope you find this interesting and helps if you are looking to invest in a lightboard for your institution.

Quality Matters Recognizes Dr. Hemant Merchant

Hemant MerchantOn June 6, 2018, Dr. Hemant Merchant received Quality Matters Certification for his online course, Global Business Environment, GEB 6368. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Merchant on this significant achievement!

His course is one of the core, required courses in the Master of Business Administration program at the Kate Tiedemann College of Business. Through this course his students are introduced to key dimensions of international business activity, particularly as they influence the profitability of multinational corporations.

This is the fourteenth course from KTCOB and the third course in the Online MBA Program to receive QM Certification. Dr. Merchant was supported by Carol Fisher, the Instructional Designer for the college’s MBA program.

His course is now listed on the QM directory of certified courses from colleges and universities across the nation. His course will also be listed in the Florida Virtual Campus public course catalog as a “High Quality” course.

To share his commitment to quality with his students, the QM Seal of Recognition and certification information is displayed on the home page of his online course.

Contact Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services for more information about Quality Matters.