Blackboard Collaborate Now Available in Canvas

collaborate logoBlackboard Collaborate, an upgrade from Blackboard Elluminate, is now available in Canvas.

This tool will allow you to host, record and archive virtual classroom sessions. Features include audio, video, chat, white board, web tour, document and application sharing. Maximum seating capacity is 250 people.

ALTE has developed step-by-step instructions for getting started with Collaborate. The development of additional training for this new tool is in progress.

USFSP Canvas Migration Guide

blackboard logo pointing to canvas logoJust in case you haven’t heard, Blackboard will no longer be available after December 31, 2013.

To help prepare Faculty for the transition to Canvas, Instructional Media Services has developed a new website for the Canvas Migration at USFSP.

On this website you will find:

  • Step-by-step instructions to help you get started
  • Links to Canvas tech support topics and tutorials
  • Training and support available at USFSP
  • Distance learning course grant information
  • and much more!

Important Statistics about the eLearning Market for 2013 – Infographic announced important eLearning Statistics for 2013.

The Top 10 statistics about the eLearning Market 2013 that should be highlighted are:

  1. eLearning is a $56.2 Billion business and is likely to double in size before 2015.
  2. The U.S. and Europe utilize 70% of the world’s eLearning, but Asia Pacific is gaining ground.
  3. The fastest growing eLearning markets are Vietnam and Malaysia.
  4. 77% of American Corporations use online learning.
  5. 72% of companies surveyed report that eLearning keeps them on top of their industry changes.
  6. In 2011, 51% of companies did at least one training session with eLearning to more than 50% of their employees.
  7. Corporations save 50-70% when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning.
  8. eLearning classes are generally 25-60% shorter in duration than traditional classes.
  9. 23% of employees leave their jobs because the position lacks opportunity for development and training.
  10. Online education is proven to increase knowledge retention by 25-60%.Image

Spring 2013 Professional Development Workshops

training support for all your onlines requirementsInterested in learning more about teaching online or advancing your skills with specific technologies? Take a look at our workshop offerings for Spring 2013. These include:

  • Transitioning your course to Canvas
  • Video editing with Panopto and Camtasia
  • Creating effective rubrics
  • Improving accessibility in your course
  • Basic Instructional Design principles

To register, complete the Workshops Registration Form (also linked on our webpage).

How Are We Supporting Our Online Learners?

Universities Academic Support Services invest significant amounts of money each year to support students on campus. As online programs continue to expand the question is being raised, are these same support services the right kind of support for our online learners? Do the online students use those services? Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)  Steven Sachs, vice president for instructional and information technology at NOVA, addressed this topic in his talk at Educause 2012, “Engagement Beyond the LMS.” Are online students getting counseling for financial aid? Do they have access to tutoring? Are supports in place to help online students get jobs at the end of their program? Do they know how to get advice about graduation? Do online students who are falling behind get encouragement and support?MP900444155

NOVA discovered that support services on campus were not meeting the needs of the online learner and invested $2 million in the “Next Level Initiative,” a project designed to recognize the needs of the online learner and provide support to them. Read more about the project at Inside Higher Ed, Calling In Web Support.

Creating PowerPoints for Recording and Accessibility

Are you creating or updating PowerPoint presentations to be recorded as part of your lecture and shared online with students?

PowerPoints that work well in other settings may need some ‘tweaking’ for online purposes. Your PowerPoints will be shrunken down and harder to read when recorded and put online and students with disabilities who take your course may be using Assistive Technology to access the presentation.

Follow the 10 easy steps listed in the PowerPoint linked below. This will ensure that the PowerPoint Presentations you create are accessible and optimized for recording in the DL Studio or using recording software on your own computer.

Tips for PowerPoints (PPTX)

USF System – Canvas Plagiarism checking update

For the Spring, there will be no TurnItIn available in Canvas.  The workaround is to export the documents from your canvas assignments, and upload them into SafeAssign as a Direct Submit within Blackboard.  This will produce plagiarism reports, but the identification that normally goes along with SafeAssign integrations in a course will be lost.  These will be an anonymous pile of reports that will need to be manually matched up with their author.  It’s not a pretty workaround.