Structuring a Syllabus for an Online Course

A syllabus provides the students with a road map for the course.  The syllabus for a face-to-face course and an online course, can and should look somewhat different.

Online courses function differently than a traditional face-to-face course and students may need information that would not necessarily be included otherwise. Examples include:

  • Netiquette
  • Technology requirements
  • “Attendance” requirements
  • Prerequisite technology skills
  • and more!

When adapting a syllabus from a face-to-face course, or creating a completely new syllabus, use this document, Key Sections of a Syllabus for an Online Course (PDF), as a checklist to ensure that you are providing a comprehensive road map to your students.

You can also use it as a guide for creating a “Getting Started” module, or a course introduction video!

This resource document was adapted from:

Kelly, R. (2011). 11 Strategies for Managing Your Online Course. (pp. 5-6). Madison: Magna Publications, Inc.