Education research and the pace of innovation

Education research and the pace of innovation | Inside Higher Ed.

SAN FRANCISCO – To keep up with the breakneck pace of developments in online education, higher education researchers must be nimble and sometimes make do with “dirty” and quickly gathered data. Otherwise weighty discussions about student learning might get lost in all the hype around massive open online courses and other digital innovations. by Paul Fain

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New Assistant Director of Distance and Distributed Learning joining USFSP

We are delighted to announce the hiring of Ms. Kim Garvey for the position of Assistant Director of Distance and Distributed Learning for USFSP. The position reports to the Dean of the Library and provides leadership for the University’s distance and distributed learning efforts, coordinating instructional support for distance and online learning. Ms. Garvey, who is a Ph.D. candidate in Education & Leadership at Barry University, has more than ten years of experience in digital and online initiatives and currently serves as the e-Learning Project Manager and an Adjunct Professor of History at the State College of Florida. She joins USFSP on May 1 and will be working closely with Academic Affairs and all Colleges and academic departments in the development of and support for online programs. She will also work with Academic Affairs, the Colleges, and other units to oversee the University’s ongoing efforts to strengthen faculty development, improve the quality of online courses, and provide robust services for online students.

The Nelson Poynter Memorial Library, through the Distance Learning and Instructional Media Services unit, provides centralized support to faculty in the development of online courses and programs. This new position will enable us to “kick things up a notch” and also address support issues for online learners in a more systematic fashion.

When Ms. Garvey arrives, a meet and greet reception will be hosted in the Library.

Link to Specific Time in YouTube Videos

If you are using YouTube videos during your presentations, here is a quick tip!

If you want to play the YouTube video from a certain time, rather than have students watch the entire thing from the beginning, simply append this code to the end of the link to the video, of course replacing 1 and 50 with your own minutes and seconds: #t=1m50

Here is an example link, which should start at 1:50 into the video:

Bitten by the Online Bug

An article that was posted in the Chronicle’s Wired Campus today provides the perspective of a lecturer new to online teaching. Her comment that “For me, online teaching has opened up new possibilities. It has challenged me to develop my teaching skills in an innovative way, and to get better at something I thought I was already pretty good at. Online education has implications for access, global reach, and new types of teaching and learning experiences that may be more in line with what students face in the world of work” echoes what I have heard here at USFSP from some faculty.

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Florida Ponders Opening an Online-Only Public University

Florida is considering creating a new state university, just months after Gov. Rick Scott defied the university system’s board by signing legislation to turn a satellite campus into the state’s 12th public university. Under the new proposal, the board itself would oversee the planned 13th university, which would have neither a campus quad nor a football team. The potential campus would be entirely online.

This past July, the system’s Board of Governors hired a consulting firm to determine the feasibility of creating “OnlineU.”

An online university is not the only option being explored, says Frank T. Brogan, the system’s chancellor. The consulting group, Parthenon, will also consider the possibility of building a systemwide “portal” for universities to offer existing online courses to students on other campuses in the system. Such offerings are now available only to students enrolled at the university where the course originates.

The complete story is available on the Chronicle website.  What are your thoughts?


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