Monday Minute: After Hours Canvas Support – OLITS USFSP

David Brodosi teaching learning training

Grading papers at 2am?

Quiz not showing up for your students?

Need Canvas support after normal business hours?

No Problem!

In this weeks Monday Minute video we will show you how to

get after-hours Canvas Support.

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Be Mobile with Canvas

Did you know that you can teach with your tablet? Grade papers on your cell phone? Canvas mobile apps give you the power to interact with your course from anywhere and engage your students in mobile learning online or in the classroom.

Check out the full suite of Canvas mobile apps below and contact Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services to discuss ideas and strategies to effectively incorporate these into your teaching and learning.

Canvas app icon

Canvas by Instructure

Canvas by Instructure

This app is the mobile instance of the Canvas LMS. Through this app you have access all of your courses at USF. You can participate in discussions, post announcements, upload files and video, and manage your Canvas inbox.

Although this app is not optimal for heavy course building, it is a great way to quickly get connected with your course and students.

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

speedgrader icon



This app allows you to grade assignments from all of your courses. You will be able to view submissions including text, video and audio. You can grade using points, a letter grade, and/or a rubric. You can provide feedback as comments, audio or video. Once you’ve opened an assignment, you can move between student’s submission with a swipe to the right.

Although the app does not provide the same annotation tools as the SpeedGrader in you web browser on the computer (i.e. comments and strikethrough), this is a quick way to grade quizzes or submissions that don’t need annotations.

Available for iPad and Android.

polls for canvas

Polls for Canvas

Polls for Canvas

This app allows you to instantly assess student comprehension with live, in-class polling using the students’ own smartphones or tablets. You will be able to ask the students true/false or multiple choice questions.

Because Canvas Polls integrates with Canvas courses, participation and performance data is saved for every student.

Available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Magic marker app icon

Magic Marker

Magic Marker

This app allows you to assess students’ mastery of learning objectives in a face-to-face class. Have the app open and wander around the room during an activity. As you witness students master the objectives of the lesson, track this with the app and it will update the grade book by the time you sit back down.

This app works with the Outcomes tool in Canvas.

Available for iPad.

teacher tools app icon

Teacher Tools

Teacher Tools

This app consists of three tools to make teachers’ lives a little easier. One tool shows pictures of the students to help teachers learn their names. Another tool randomly selects students for activities. The last tool allows teachers to take notes about each student.

Available for Android.