Plagiarism, whether you agree with it or not, is a hot button issue in both the professional and academic world. Someone is always looking for the easy way out when writing a paper. Unfortunately, people will turn to plagiarism in order to make it easy for them.

According to Merriam-Webster, plagiarism is defined as “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own.” In other words, you are stealing someone’s work and stamping your name on it. Plagiarism is a terrible thing that a lot of people do. Whether it is out of laziness or lack of creativity I’m not sure. One thing I do know is that there is many ways people plagiarize.

Before I get into that though, I’d like to share my own personal experiences. I have never plagiarized in a major assignment that I had to turn into school. Granted, I may have barely paraphrased a sentence or two in my day, but never on such an obscene level. At USF, if I were to plagiarize and get caught, I could have a ‘FF’ added to my records. A ‘FF’ is the worst thing possible. Not only would people see that I failed a course, but that I failed it due to cheating.

It was beat into my head. “Don’t plagiarize or you’ll ruin your academic career” they would yell at me. Every paper, essay, or short answer I ever wrote was painstakingly looked over to make sure that I didn’t accidentally copy anything. I appreciated what they were doing for me, but I began to think to myself if it was too much. I get it; plagiarism is bad, really bad. However, sometimes it crippled me to the point that I wrote terrible papers.

I share this because I want to share my story with faculty members. If you have classes where you have your students write a lot of papers, then explain to them what it means to plagiarize. Give them some resources that they can study so they can learn without the panic. You don’t know how much of a difference it can make when you tell someone “hey, it’s okay. Do this and you’ll be fine.”

Now that that’s out of the way, here are the top 10 types of Unoriginal Work!

  1. Cloning
  2. CTRL – C
  3. Find – Replace
  4. Remix
  5. Recycle
  6. Hybrid
  7. Mashup
  8. 404 Error
  9. Aggregator
  10. Re-Tweet

The full list provided by Turn it in provides some great reporting on these types. They do a far better job of explaining it then I ever could. Follow the link below to check out the full report!

Turn it in 10 Types of Unoriginal Work