Dr. Rick Smith recognized by Quality Matters for two courses

Rick SmithOLITS is thrilled to announce that Dr. Rick Smith, of USF St. Petersburg’s Kate Tiedemman College of Business, has just received Quality Matters certification for two of his online courses. His course, Principles of Microeconomics (ECO 2023), received certification on January 29, 2019 and his course, Economics of Health (ECP 3530), received certification on January 31, 2019.

Putting two courses through the Quality Matters Certification process at once takes a significant amount of time and effort. Please join us in thanking Dr. Smith for his commitment and congratulating him on this achievement!

Dr. Smith shares the following advice for fellow faculty:

“I highly recommend the Quality Matters (QM) rubric as a way of gearing your online course for student success. Moreover, the OLITS staff at USFSP is a great resource at every phase of development, from delivering instruction on QM concepts–which I strongly recommend even before you pursue certifying your course–to providing the technical assistance needed to meet QM standards.”

Both of his courses are now listed on the QM database of certified courses and will also be recognized in the Florida Virtual Campus public course catalog as “High Quality” rated.

Contact Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services for more information about the review process and preparation support.


Dr. Tiffany Chenneville Receives Second QM Course Certification

Tiffany ChennevillePlease join us in congratulating Dr. Tiffany Chenneville for receiving Quality Matters Certification for another of her online courses!

Her course, Health Psychology (CLP 4314), was awarded certification on January 24, 2019. In this course, Dr. Chenneville engages students with a relatively new field that helps to promote health on the individual, group, and societal levels through rigorous interdisciplinary research and applications.

Dr. Chenneville has long been involved with the Quality Matters review process at USF St. Petersburg. She received QM Certification for Developmental Psychology (DEP 4053) in 2015. She is also recognized for her collaboration in research and accessibility initiatives at the university to support inclusive and engaging online learning environments for our students.

This course is now listed on the QM database of certified courses and will also be recognized in the Florida Virtual Campus public course catalog as a “High Quality” course.

Contact your OLITS Instructional Designer today to learn more about how we can support you in the course design, development, and quality review process.

Professor Margarita Altuna Receives Second QM Course Certification

Margarita AltunaProfessor Margarita Altuna has received Quality Matters Certification for another one of her courses! Her hybrid course, Spanish I (SPN 1120), was recognized on January 19, 2019. She also received QM Certification for her online Spanish I course in May of 2018.

When asked about her experience taking a hybrid course through the QM Certification process, she shared:

Developing an Hybrid class has been an enriching experience that began in 2012 when I received a Development Award through the Distance Learning Instructional Design Course to create an Elementary Spanish 1120 Hybrid. Since that year, every semester I have been strengthening the face to face and online collaboration by taking advantage of the best of these two worlds.

Thanks to the constant support and variety of professional development training that the Online Learning and Instructional Technology Service team of USFSP offers me, I am able to present a well organized, well developed and, well structured hybrid Class.

Please join us in congratulating Professor Altuna for receiving certification for a second course!

We applaud Professor Altuna for her commitment to incorporate best practices and fostering student engagement across learning environments! Her course is now listed on the QM database of certified courses.

To learn more about Quality Matters for hybrid/blended courses, contact your OLITS Instructional Designer today!