Quality Matters Recognizes Dr. Karin Braunsberger

karin braunsbergerPlease join OLITS in congratulating Dr. Karin Braunsberger of USF St. Petersburg’s Kate Tiedemman College of Business. On January 9, 2019, her online course, Sustainable Entrepreneurship (ENT 6930), received Quality Matters Certification.

In this course, Dr. Braunsberger leads graduate students in the Master’s of Business Administration program in exploring how to design, grow, and lead sustainable enterprises.

Dr. Braunsberger shares the following advice with faculty preparing courses for QM review:

Work closely with your instructional designer and instructional design services. Both are familiar with the QM process and provide many ideas on course design that make it easier for students to understand and engage with the content of the course. And this matters for the QM process.

Her course is now listed on the QM database of certified courses and will also be recognized in the Florida Virtual Campus public course catalog as a “High Quality” course.

If you are interested in preparing your course for Quality Matters review, contact Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services for more information.

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About karlamorris

Karla is an Instructional Designer at Instructional Media Services and Adjunct Faculty in the College of Education at USFSP. With over 9 years of experience in Education and Accessible Technologies, her professional interests include Universal Design for Higher Education and the Accessibility of Online Courses. Current projects include research on the benefits of closed captioning in online courses to all students.

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