Scan Old Photos with Google PhotoScan

Ever have that great old photo of you and your sibling that you just have to share because its just so cute or embarrassing? Like this one here of me and my sister, so adorable! But look at that glare! This was the best I could do after multiple attempts of taking a picture of it with my phone.13528950_10107826423117183_8383350479463761962_n.jpgIf you’re like me, you don’t probably don’t own a scanner and insist on doing everything possible with your phone. Well I have some great news, my good buddy Ricky (you may recognize him from other posts on this blog) introduced me to Google’s PhotoScan. This magical product lets you take pictures of pictures, and they actually look like the original, no glare, no weird angles. Google PhotoScan is available for both Apple and Andriod. The app gives you a high quality digital image you can keep and share forever!

Ok, so I wanted to have an after photo to share, but this picture resides at my parents house in a frame and I wanted to share this product before I venture back there, but trust me it is magic!

Google Photoscan Website and App Download


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