The conversation of accountability

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted an interview with a Missouri lawmaker introducing a bill which proposes a number of changes to the way his state universities are accountable to students, along with the removal tenure, which Rep. Rick Bratten called “un-American.” The bill (House Bill 266) also seeks to force universities to post information along with their degree offerings which include: estimated degree cost, types of employment associated with the degree, a prospectus of the job market, and other employment data.

While this post is not meant to offer a position on this matter, it is meant to highlight the conversation that is taking place in state legislatures across the country. There is another bill being introduced in Iowa proposing the removal of tenure as well. I suspect that bills of this nature will continue to be seen in the future. Where do we stand as a university?

The CITL, OLITS, and the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library are opening a dialog on the workplace of tomorrow and how we can support our students in it through our annual Bay-to-Bay Learning Symposium on Feb 10, 2017. Come and join us for a full day of interactive material with our dynamic speakers and specific take-home techniques you can use with your students. For tickets, which are going fast, contact David Brodosi via email.

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