Online Proctoring is Available for all USFSP courses

As online education becomes more of the norm in Higher Ed, the ability to offer proctored online exams is something professors want and need. At the University of South Florida St. Petersburg we have access to Proctorio, an online proctoring service. Proctorio is integrated with Canvas so it is very easy to add proctoring services to exams in Canvas.


Proctorio is a remote proctoring software that works exclusively with the Chrome browser. As the students take a test their behaviors are recorded and run through a program that monitors up to 20 behaviors. These behaviors include eye movement, sound, and web activity. No humans are watching the footage while the test is being recorded but faculty can review the footage after the test. They also receive a report that helps them decide if footage needs to be reviewed.


Students will need to have a computer that has a camera, microphone, and the Chrome web browser. They will also need their student ID and a quiet place to take the exam. The USFSP library has computers that have the necessary requirements. There are 24 lab computers upstairs, 20 laptops, and 10 desktops on the 1st floor of the library that are Proctorio ready. Students just need to come to the front desk to reserve one. These computers are reserved on a first come, first serve basis so students should plan to arrive well before their exam period.


Professors should use Proctorio as a cheating deterrent. There is no way to completely stop cheating but Proctorio certainly raises the bar for test security and it is available for all USFSP courses, even face-to-face offerings.
There are a few ways you can learn more about proctorio. A great first step is to check out this FAQ from USF. If you decide you want to use Proctorio in your course then please come to an OLITS training, here is a schedule of upcoming trainings. If you miss the Proctorio training just contact OLITS and we can get you set up with an on demand training.

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