Ignoring ed tech could be problematic for Professors and Universities

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset

A blog posted on Vitae warns of the possible pitfalls for higher education if universities and faculty ignore the new frontiers in educational technology. Jonathan Rees, Professor of History at Colorado State University – Pueblo, explains how new ed tech, like Virtual Reality, is not something that should be disregarded by higher education.


While he doesn’t suggest that faculty need to learn to master things like VR, he asserts that these new technologies will influence the future of online education whether faculty and universities like it or not. Rees states, “We can control the way our own courses operate, but given a choice between a class taught entirely in a VR environment and one taught by more traditional methods, which one do you think most students would choose?” Given the increased competitive nature of online learning enrollment and retention, Universities will be smart to keep a watchful eye on ed tech trends and figure out ways to incorporate them in their online programs.


The environment of education is changing rapidly and it is important that universities and faculty members not take it as an indictment of their craft or way of doing things. Taking it personally or ignoring it won’t change the direction it’s heading. Higher Education needs to embrace the future of educational technology as a way to help them accomplish enrollment and retention goals… not as a force coming to change their way of doing things or take things away.


Read “Ignore Ed Tech at your Peril” by Jonathan Rees here.

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