Improving Your Course UX

We’ve all been frustrated when using an app or a website. Maybe because it seems cluttered, the information we need isn’t there, or maybe it isn’t where we expected it. The UX for that site or app fell short of expectations and therefore left you dissatisfied. We need to make sure our online courses don’t leave our students feeling the same way.

UX is an abbreviation of the phrase “user experience”. It is often studied when it comes to apps or websites and how positive the user’s experience is with interfaces. In the business world a bad user experience is synonymous with failure. Businesses hire individuals to go through their interfaces and find ways to make the experience better for their customers and/or users.

Online educators, and educators in general, should be concerned with the UX of their courses. Often a bad UX for your students will translate into negative feedback even in a good course. Looking at your course from the student’s perspective is a great way to improve the UX.

All you have to do is go into your course and click on “settings”…


Once you are in settings, click on “student view”…

From here you can see the student’s perspective. Look at the course as if you are a student and find things that may be distracting, like too much clutter in your modules or unnecessary options on your left navigation menu…

Take a moment to think from a student’s perspective about the course as a whole. If you were enrolled in a course like this, what would you think? Perhaps there is little or no variety in course materials or maybe it just looks like there are too many tests. When you take a minute to look at your course from a student’s perspective you may see things you never noticed before.

When you are finished, be sure to exit out of student mode by clicking “leave student view” in the bottom right corner…

To remove the unnecessary items from left navigation menu, click on “settings”, choose “navigation”, and drag unwanted items down…

Take time to think about the UX for your students and make improvements when possible. Have another faculty member or instructional designer look at your course from a UX perspective to give you even more ways to improve your course. Creating a better user experience for your courses can translate into happier, more successful, students.

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