E-Learning Tides are changing

Below are two articles that outline changes to the e-learning landscape that signal a larger shift that is sure to be felt in the future.

The first article is a bit dense but worth a read.  The author points to how open source ownership is lowering the value of content (YouTube creators, faculty, etc.)  and valuing the brand and ownership of the platform.

Here is another article that talks about shifting from the separation of online and face-to-face in higher ed to a more unified digital approach.  A quote from the article:

“I see the shift not as one from online to digital,” said Eddie Maloney, the executive director of the center for new designs in learning and scholarship at Georgetown University, “but as a shift from a content-driven or faculty-driven curriculum to an intentional design and assessed curriculum. It’s really about a growing focus on learning design.”


Are these two articles pointing to a larger shift in the higher ed landscape?

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