Workshops this week in Online Learning

This week in OLITS we have two workshops scheduled.

First is MyStudio Booth on Tuesday March 17, 2015 from 2-3pm

The MyStudio Booth is a simple one button video recording setup that will capture a video image of the person as well as a computer display such as a PowerPoint presentation. MyStudio will allow users to create high-quality video projects without having to know anything about video cameras or editing. All you need is a little imagination and a flash drive. Join us as we show you how to get starting using the MyStudio Booth facilities.

Use this link to register – MyStudio Booth

Second is a workshop dedicated to an Integrated Syllabus.

Tired of fielding questions that are plainly located in your syllabus?  Come to our syllabus workshop where we provide you with techniques to increase student awareness of course requirements through integrated syllabus design. Your students will feel more informed and you will have less email!

Use this link to register – Integrated Syllabus Workshop

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