68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity, Free e-Book

Book coverEngagement is a critical element of learning. If we can get people to pay attention to what we’ve developed or what we’re saying and engage with us, the content, and each other, learning follows.


Gaining and maintaining engagement in the physical classroom seems straightforward: If learners look bored or inattentive, we adjust our style on the fly or call on people to recapture their attention. But in eLearning, especially self-paced eLearning, driving engagement requires much more planning, monitoring, and, most of all, creativity.

Looking for some quick tips for effective engagement in your online courses? Check out the eLearning Guild’s new publication “68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity.” This e-book is available as a free download and is full of ideas and suggestions to increase meaningful learning interactions within your course.

2 thoughts on “68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity, Free e-Book

  1. We believe there is a new paradigm in private education. I work to provide accessible tutoring to people whose kids need practice and cannot afford a mentor. My own mentor has written a well-regarded supplemental book for Algebra I and II called Using calculators and computers. While technology works in the classroom to engage his students in excellence in education, technology is ever-evolving. Our model reflects this growth. Our classroom is 3-dimensional in new and exciting ways.

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