Literature & The Occult, Dr. Francis Tobienne Receives Quality Matters Certification

Dr. Francis Tobienne, JrInstructional Media Services at Nelson Poynter Library is very pleased to announce that Dr. Francis Tobienne’s course, Literature & The Occult (LIT 3451), received Quality Matters Certification yesterday, May 7, 2013. Not only did Dr. Tobienne’s course meet QM standards, he received a perfect score of 95 points.

Dr. Tobienne’s course is the third course to receive QM Certification at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and the first course from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Quality Matters LogoThis QM Certification process consists of a peer review guided by a research based rubric for high quality distance learning course design. The eight elements of the rubric include: Course Overview & Introduction, Learning Objectives, Instructional Materials, Learner Support, Accessibility, Learner Interaction and Engagement, and Assessment & Measurement.

Dr. Tobienne worked with staff at Instructional Media Services to support his online course design. Of his experiences with the review process and the IMS team members, he states:

“As with any rigorous activity, the telos of that experience yields a far better fruit than its beginning. Such was my experience with designing a Lit. course and undergoing the QM certification process. I applaud and look forward to more opportunities to work with the IMS group as they provided the sagacious-glue to my otherwise, frenetic mens mentis.”

~Dr. Francis Tobienne, Jr.

Congratulations to Dr. Tobienne! To learn more about Quality Matters, visit our Professional Development page or contact Instructional Media Services.

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