Quality Matters: Become a Peer Reviewer for the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Program

Higher Education Peer Reviewers and Instructional Designers: Train to become a Peer Reviewer for the Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) Program. We ask that IRs please distribute this announcement to faculty. We are especially eager to apprise instructional designers of their eligibility to become CPE peer reviewers! Learn more about becoming a CPE peer reviewer.

QM has designed a self-paced workshop for educators interested in becoming peer reviewers on the 2011-2013 edition of the QM Continuing and Professional Education Rubric. The online workshop takes approximately two hours to complete and is a quick way to earn the CPE Reviewer role eligible to serve on CPE review teams.

The self-paced workshop was designed for Peer Reviewers certified on the QM 2011-2013 Higher Education Rubric. It will familiarize participants with the Continuing and Professional Education Rubric. Instructional designers who have taken both the Applying the QM Rubric workshop and the Peer Reviewer course are eligible to complete this workshop and become QM CPE reviewers, regardless of whether or not they are QM reviewers for Higher Education courses. The eligibility criteria requiring current online teaching experience DOES NOT apply to CPE reviewers. If you are interested, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to MyQM
  • Select the Higher Education tab
  • Choose the Workshop: Register menu
  • Select QM Training
  • The session is located on the calendar under March 6, 2013. The self-paced workshop will appear in your Activity Record with this date regardless of registration date.
  •  24 hours after successfully completing the quiz, you may complete the CPE Peer Reviewer application found under the Continuing & Professional Education tab.

USFSP will pay for Faculty to earn this certification. Contact our department for more details.

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About karlamorris

Karla is an Instructional Designer at Instructional Media Services and Adjunct Faculty in the College of Education at USFSP. With over 9 years of experience in Education and Accessible Technologies, her professional interests include Universal Design for Higher Education and the Accessibility of Online Courses. Current projects include research on the benefits of closed captioning in online courses to all students.

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