Upload Grades from an Excel Spreadsheet into Canvas

Below are the steps to upload grades using an Excel spreadsheet into the Canvas Grade Center. This is a feature that many instructors made use of in Blackboard, and will be glad to know that it is still available and easy to do.

This tutorial is broken into three parts:

  1. Structuring your spreadsheet
  2. Saving your Excel file as a .csv
  3. Uploading the spreadsheet into Canvas

Part 1: Structuring your Spreadsheet

This image displays the correct way to set up your spreadsheet so that it will import correctly into the Canvas Grade Center.

long description in text

Columns that must be present include “Student,” “ID,” “SIS User ID,” “SIS Login ID,” and any existing assignments. You can create columns for new assignments just by adding a column to your spreadsheet in Excel.

Regarding the important information in the first several columns, it may be easier to just download the spreadsheet from the Canvas Grade Center, open the file in Excel, make your updates, and then reupload the file.

If you would like to work directly from the downloaded spreadsheet, refer to Part 3, Step 2 of this tutorial. The option to download the .csv file is listed directly above the option to upload a .csv file in the Grade Center settings menu.

Part 2: Saving Your Excel File

1. Click the File Tab (or File Menu if using and older version of Microsoft Office)

2. Click “Save As”

File Menu in Excel, Save as is highlighted

3. The Save As Window will appear, click the down arrow to open the menu for “Save as type:”

save as window open, arrow points to drop down next to save as type

4. Select “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” from the menu

save as drop down menu, csv highlighted5. Click “Save” (be sure to use an informative file name and remember what folder you save this file in so that you can easily find it later)

save as window, save is highlightedPart 3: Uploading the Spreadsheet to Canvas

1. Click “Grades” on the left course navigation menu

course navigation menu, grades is highlighted2. Click on the Settings menu, signified by a cog or gear icon and select “Upload Scores (from .csv)”

upload scores from csv is highlighted3. Click “Browse” on the window that appears and find the file on your computer.

click browse to search for file4. Once you have selected your file, click “Upload Data”

click upload data when you have found your file5. Allow time for the file to upload and process.

6. Cross check a few rows with your original file to be sure that all grades imported to the correct spot.


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Karla is an Instructional Designer at Instructional Media Services and Adjunct Faculty in the College of Education at USFSP. With over 9 years of experience in Education and Accessible Technologies, her professional interests include Universal Design for Higher Education and the Accessibility of Online Courses. Current projects include research on the benefits of closed captioning in online courses to all students.

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