Merging courses within Canvas

Merging in Canvas is called Crosslisting, and it’s an operation that is now performed by the Instructor, no admin intervention is needed.  The steps are easy, but confusing the first time you try it.

1)  Identify the list of courses that you want to crosslist, and pick one of them to be the “master”.   You will be crosslisting the other sections into this course
CGS2100.001S13    <- self designated Master

2)  Go into each of the sub-sections -> Settings -> Sections.   Here you will see normally one section which has the same name and ID of the course it is in.  For Spring 13 and some Summer 13 courses, you may see two sections.  Pick the section that has all the students, and shares the ID of the course. (This is an aberration from some early mistakes, which have been corrected and will now need to age out.)


3)  Click on the title of the section to be crosslisted.  Then on the right click Crosslist this course


4)  Start typing the name or courseID of the ‘master’ course in the first box.  It will show a list of courses that match.  Pick your ‘master’ course from the list, then click “Cross-List this Section”.


5)  Done.  This course is now crosslisted with the master course.  Repeat these steps for each course section you want crosslisted

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About David W Brodosi

David Brodosi is currently the Interim Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Before that, David was the Coordinator of Operations for the Online Learning and Instructional Technology Services Department and has almost 23 years of combined online and classroom technology support services experience in higher education. Current projects include implementing Quality Matters to promote quality assurance in online courses and the AV design of the new USF St. Petersburg Kate Tiedemann College of Business.

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