Upcoming features available now on Canvas BETA

Two new features that are going to make many of you very happy are available now for testing in the Canvas BETA area.

Attendance Tracking
This is a 3rd party integration with a product called RollCall.  Unfortunately at this time there is no documentation, no references with a Google search on this product and no ETA for it’s release.

One Question at a Time
This feature will be included in the 12-22-12 Production release.
Instructors will now have the option in Quiz Settings to choose one quiz question at a time for all types of quizzes and surveys. This checkbox is cleverly titled “Show one question at a time” in the quiz setup. Instructors can also choose to restrict students from going back to questions they have already answered using the new checkbox titled “Lock questions after answering”.
Lock Question After Answering is only available if One Question at a Time is selected. These settings are created on a quiz by quiz basis. There are no global settings that apply to these features yet.
Students will be warned in several ways about these new features.  If Lock Question After Answering is chosen for a quiz, the student will be notified when they first take or resume the quiz that once they have submitted an answer they will not be able to go back and view or change that answer later.  The student is given a warning if the current question is blank and they attempt to move to the next question.  The warning will notify them that they can’t return to answer the blank question.
Students also won’t be able to use the back button in the browser or leave the quiz in hopes of coming back in to access a previous question.
This has been a highly requested feature in the Canvas forums and it is the first part of several Quiz Tool refactoring steps being taken over the next few releases to build out a more robust Quiz Tool.
One of the major strengths of Canvas is balancing the simplicity of the user experience with pedagogical flexibility. This new quiz feature, along with several other features in the coming months, supports that theme.
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