Update to the Blackboard Migration Tool

Canvas recently announced changes to it migration tool that may make it easier to import some courses from Blackboard. Before, if you had a Blackboard content area that contained several related items — such as a lecture, readings, assignment, and quiz – Canvas would import that as a content page with links to each item. With the update to the import tool content areas will be converted into Canvas modules instead. How well it works depends on your course setup.

In my first attempt to try out the migration tool, I tried exporting/importing a Blackboard course that had the content areas listed in the Blackboard menu…

When I imported this into Canvas the tool worked very well, and gave me modules which looked this this…

Opening one of the modules showed all of the items from the original Blackboard content area were included in the Canvas module.

Most Blackboard courses don’t list each of their content areas on the menu, however. They are more likely to have a menu item called ‘Course Content’ or something similar then list each content area as a folder in that area.

When I imported this class, the tool created a course content module. Then, each of the folders in the original Blackboard content was put under a text heading in the Canvas Module…

The good news is, with Canvas’s drag and drop capabilities. It’s easy to create a new module called ‘September Training’ and drag the appropriate items into it. Then, just use the trash can icon next to the September Training header in the course content module to delete it.

These are very simple examples and may not work with more complex courses with different files types, videos, etc. You might want to give it a try to see if it works for your own classes.

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