Online Learners Bill of Rights

Quality Matters, the organization that promotes quality in online courses by means of peer review and training for faculty and instructional designers, has produced a video and a Bill of Rights for Online Learners that is worth taking a look at:

Quality Matters™ Bill of Rights for Online Learners

Whereas, the online learner is expected to:

  • Communicate regularly with faculty
  • Be an active course participant
  • Seek out campus resources to resolve any technical difficulties
  • Meet course deadlines, and
  • Act with academic integrity.

Therefore, the online learner in a fully online or blended course should expect:

  • A course designed with logical, consistent, and efficient navigation.
  • Clean and readable screen design.
  • Clear and sufficient instructions on how to
  • get started in the course,
  • find various course components,
  • access online resources, and
  • meet the course learning objectives.
  • An instructor who honors clearly stated response times and availability (office hours, etc.).
  • A grading policy including clearly stated, descriptive, and specific criteria for how work and participation will be evaluated.
  • Clear explanation of the requirements for interaction with the instructor, content and other students.
  • Learning objectives that are appropriate for the level of the course.
  • Instructional materials that
  • contribute to the achievement of the course and module/unit learning objectives
  • are clearly related to learning activities, and
  • have the breadth, depth, and currency to enable him or her to learn the subject.
  • Required course components, technologies, tools and media that are
  • web-based or easily downloaded,
  • readily available, and
  • appropriate for the content delivered.
  • A variety of assessments distributed throughout the course, that are
  • appropriate to the content being assessed,
  • consistent with course activities and resources, and
  • focused on the stated learning objectives.

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