Canvas and Crocodoc

This past weekend the people at Instructure rolled out some new features in Canvas. One big part of their update was Crocodoc. I made of small mention of it during a previous blog posting about Scribd. Crocodoc has now gone live in Canvas is available to use in the SpeedGrader.

There are something that should be mentioned about Crocodoc. In their 9/29/12 Release Notes Instructure talked about a few features on Crocodoc:

“Canvas now integrates with Crocodoc primarily to preview and annotate homework submissions in the Speedgrader application.  Instructors can now annotate using text or handwritten comments directly on assignments to provide specific feedback for their students.  Students will be able to use the same features through peer reviews.”

It is also important to note that currently Crocodoc only allows users to preview certain file types:

“Crocodoc will only be used for supported file types: .doc/.docx, .pdf, .ppt/.pptx and .xls/.xlsx.  When another file type is submitted for a homework assignment Canvas will fall back to Scribd, which won’t have the annotation feature.”

Below is a video that features Crocodoc’s capabilities!

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