Free Webinar: Increase Student Success with Dynamic Multimedia Content from NBC Learn

Offered By: Blackboard Course Sites
Date: August 21st
2:00 p.m EDT

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Today’s students are visual learners who comprehend by seeing, hearing, and observing events themselves.  Participate in this webinar, to learn how to inspire, engage, and stimulate critical thinking skills through the use of high quality, timely videos that provide historical context and real world perspective.

Join Christopher Tine, NBC Learn’s Director of Implementation, as he shares his insights on the use of multimedia content as a tool to draw students into a topic, provide background information, and improve their ability to read and comprehend course materials.

Topics will include:

  • Demonstration of the extensive digital content collections including a deep-dive into specific sections
  • Best practices for the use of video in an online and face-to-face format
  • Example of content integration in courses
  • Explanation of different implementation options

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