Academic Integrity

We are often asked whether distance-learning courses are more prone to cheating then face-to-face courses. The answer is no… online just opens the door at a different set of challenges that require additional steps to help prevent cheating.

I ran across this report, Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education, by you should take a look at.

Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education was developed to help you understand the latest tools and techniques for mitigating cheating and other unethical behaviors in your online courses. The 20-page report features nine articles from Distance Education Report, including:

  • Combating Online Dishonesty with Communities of Integrity
  • 91 Ways to Maintain Academic Integrity in Online Courses
  • The New News about Cheating for Distance Educators
  • A Problem of Core Values: Academic Integrity in Distance Learning
  • Practical Tips for Preventing Cheating on Online Exams

Online education didn’t invent cheating, but it does present unique challenges.

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David Brodosi - David Brodosi is an experienced team leader with a demonstrated history of success in the higher education industry. Skilled in employer relations, career development, coaching, and conflict resolution. Provides guidance on tech strategies and trends for state-of-the-art learning spaces, course content development, and faculty support services. Recognized as a thought leader regarding the intersection of AV/IT and collaboration technology that supports his organization's mission to deliver world-class research and technology solutions for higher education institutions.

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